MegaCon Month here in Florida

MegaCon Month here in Florida

Hello All

It is MegaCon month here in Florida and I am so ready for a few days of geek and nerd.  I can't wait to see all my friends from far and wide, as well as make some new friends as I try to do every year.

All Lightsabers are on sale for Feb 2024, use code MegaCon2024 (starting at 12:01am est on 2/1) at checkout to receive 15% off your Lightsaber Order.  Featured Items are matched at a 15% Discount with no code needed.

On Feb 1st, before I leave for MegaCon, around 10am EST, I am going to do the drawing for the Sabine Wren Lightsaber from LGT/Nexus Sabers, in XenoPixel.  Did you enter the drawing?  Make sure you are locked in on the socials to enter.  YouTube video will be posted after I draw the winner.

Also, both TXQ Sabers and LGT/Nexus Sabers, based overseas, will be closed for holiday from 2/1 to 2/16, any order placed during that time will ship once they are back in office.  I am sorry about that delay, but these Lightsabers are worth it.

MegaCon is 2/1-2/4, if I am slower than normal to respond, please forgive me, I will do my best to answer any questions anyone has.

I can't wait to do the giveaway and get that Lightsaber into its new owners hands.  

Thanks All 

- Dave

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